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Patricia Pinto

Founder of Love Surf Yoga

Co-Founder of Lila Flow Yoga 200-hr YTT

Lead Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Teacher

Patricia Pinto, Founder of Love Surf Yoga, is a Brooklyn based yoga and Pilates teacher with an obsession for all things beach and surf.  As an avid surfer, she has traveled the world in search for the best, friendliest breaks and the best surf instruction, from Asia, South and Central America to the East Coast and the Caribbean.  As a full time yoga teacher, she has studied with some of the best teachers in New York City and Hawaii for over 10 years.  Combining her passion for surfing, responsible travel, and the mindful lifestyle of yoga, Love Surf Yoga was born.

You can catch her teaching in Miami Beach at Equinox, and at her weekly meditation classes in South Beach.

Read her full bio here.

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Taryn Vander Hoop

Co-Founder of Lila Flow Yoga 200 hour YTT

Senior Yoga Teacher and Leader

A lifelong student of movement, Taryn is a dancer, choreographer, and international yoga and dance teacher known for her long unique sequences and encouraging spirit. She helps her students find joy in movement and freedom and ease in the body and mind.

Taryn received her 200-Hour yoga certification from Yoga Effects, and 300-Hour yoga certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, Aerial Yoga Training from Om Factory, and is a Yoga for Cancer (ycC) certified teacher. Her recent accomplishments include leading 200-hour teaching trainings for Om Factory worldwide, teaching at the Korean National Yoga Conference, Union Square Summer Thursdays, and leading two yoga retreats to India with participants from all over the globe. Taryn also started Om Factory's first satellite Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program at Rutgers University, which she co-teaches with Blair Ritchie.

The practice of yoga has transformed Taryn's mind and body and she has been able to translate much of her yoga practice into her daily life. By finding her exhale on the mat, she was able to release tension from her body throughout the day and in her dancing. Mantra and meditation practice enhanced her focus, confidence, and performance on the many stages of life. The list goes on and on. Yoga has given Taryn more than she ever could have imagined and her mission is to help people find confidence and joy in movement and fullness and mindfulness in daily life. Her aim as an educator is to help her students see fewer limitations and realize more possibilities, both on and off the mat.

You can catch Taryn teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings all over the world, and at Yoga Works, Los Angeles.

To read more about her, please visit her website here.

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Hannah J. Simmons

LSY Retreat Leader

Senior Yoga and Barre Teacher

Hannah Jean Simmons, southern CA native, found her passion for yoga, as a way to move, breathe and connect with her best friends. She ended up falling so in love with it, she got 200 hour power yoga certified 7 years ago. She then spread her love over Orange County CA, and has been teaching in New York the last 3 years.

Her favorite part of yoga is the awareness you can bring to your physical body, to tune into what your mind and soul need to be in the present moment. She has never found a more impactful way to serve and connect with community, which has brought her so much joy for others and herself. Music is a huge influence in her teaching to guide where the body should fire up and cool down. Her flows are creative, with a bit of vigor, but the cool down and surrender is just as sweet. Being from southern CA, she has special relationship to the ocean and its many ways of healing and peace. She can’t wait to combine it with the power of yoga and community with the Love Surf Yoga retreat in Colombia! 

You can catch Hannah teaching all over New York City at Equinox.


Lin Shan Yang

Environmental Ambassador + LSY Retreat Leader

Lin Shan Yang, is a New York City based fashion marketer and a 200-HR certified yoga instructor. Constantly seeking change and balance from the NYC hustle, she found comfort and bliss in traveling and yoga. Alongside her day job, she volunteers as a marketing and social media strategist at local wellness studios, Three Jewels NYC and Vessel Academy. She is excited to have discovered Love Surf Yoga, a perfect blend of experiences she is passionate about. She is looking forward to elevating her studies in yoga philosophy and building her entrepreneurial portfolio.

Lily Feldman

Social Media Manager

Lily Feldman is a Philadelphia based social media coordinator, online marketer, and yoga, barre, and pilaties enthusiast. She found her passion for health and wellness when she discovered the magic that happens when you take time to connect your body, mind, and soul. 

Her favorite part of social media and online marketing is the communities that are made from all corners of the globe. Her charisma and creative mindset allow her to develop connections, internally and externally.


Emma Poole

Yoga Teacher & Colombia Retreat Leader

Emma has been teaching yoga professionally for over six years. She received her teaching certification in 2013 from Pure Yoga, shortly thereafter immersing herself in the New York City yoga community. Emma’s classes combine the grace and fluidity of vinyasa yoga; her sequences are intelligent, devotional, and crafted to inspire the intrinsic connection between mind, body, and spirit. With a background in music, theatre, and dance, Emma hopes to offer an experience that tells a story. Her teachings incorporate philosophy, sound healing and energetics- they ask the student to go deeper, to question, inquire and lead from love. Emma holds an attunement in Reiki Level 1. In October of 2018, she released a short original album of Sanskrit mantras that can be found on all major music sharing platforms. When she is not teaching yoga, Emma can be found in her Washington Heights neighborhood, taking long walks with her beloved pitbull, Robin, who will forever be her first true soulmate. 

You can catch Emma teaching all over NYC. See her schedule at