We know how hard it is to be in the daily hustle; juggling work, family and friends, social obligations, squeezing in self care.  This is one of the reasons why we created Love Surf Yoga, so that you can take a break to recharge.  Patricia Pinto, founder of Love Surf Yoga, shares some of the things that help her deal with the busy NYC winters and allows her to unplug and refresh when she is not on a retreat. 

Meditation:   At least 10 minutes of meditation a day keeps the crazy away!  The practice of meditation is about taking the role of the observer, without judging what is going on.  On some days, I am focused, and on others,  I have to fight urge to get up every minute.  But that’s where the practice lays, in resisting the urge to react to thoughts.  This is one of the many benefits of meditation.  

If you’d like to start meditating, check out the Insight Timer application, which features great instructors, including Ralph de la Rosa, who teaches at our Barbados retreat.  I also personally love the Ram Dass meditations on Youtube.  If you are in New York City, MNDFL is a great place to experience different types of meditations and attend classes.

Listen to Podcasts:   A huge winter survival method for me is to commit to listening to a new podcast..  There are so many podcasts I love.  One of my all time favorite magazines has a kick ass podcast; the Outside Magazine podcast.  You can learn survival skills and also listen to many inspiring athletes and adventurers.  Chit heads, produced by my Costa Rica retreat co-leader Jacob Parkinson, is a yoga-nerdy podcast that interviews authorities and scholars of the yoga community.  A must listen for any serious yogi. Lastly, Tara Brach's meditations and talks on her podcast are incredibly useful for encouraging more mindfulness in daily life. 

Get active: Moving is an important part of my wellbeing, not only because I teach yoga and Pilates and many other obvious reasons, but because I know it makes me an overall happier person. A recent study conducted by Boston University confirms what all yogis already know, that taking yoga twice a week decreases depression.  As I believe does running, Pilates, and all forms of exercising. Take classes at the gym or join a yoga studio, get on classpass, whatever!  I get moving at least every other day to help beat the winter blues.  I also try different kinds of exercises such as rock climbing and hiking to keep things interesting.  I also recommend getting a personal trainer.  The financial commitment is a huge motivator for me and helps me stick to goals.   

Plant an indoor garden:  The practice of taking care of plants is extremely therapeutic, and it gives us something to look forward to- Spring blossoms.  It is also an easy way to beautify your space.  Visit your local plant store and ask for plants that work well with your space and lifestyle.  

Journal: Take time out of your day to write about the things that are heavy on your mind.  You will be surprised how therapeutic this can feel.  Set a time on your calendar to write.

Lastly: the simplest thing I do to unplug is to turn off my phone, even if it’s for one hour. No checking emails, Facebook, the news and Instagram makes a huge different in how present I am when Im with my boyfriend and friends and the easiest way to reset and refresh my day.