✈︎ LA SALADITA, Mexico, April 2019 

✈︎ TULUM, Mexico, June 2019

✈︎Cartagena & Santa Marta, colombia with Hannah Simmons and simon salazar, february 2019 

✈︎SOuth africa surf, yoga and safari, in partnership with rhino africa, january 2019 

✈︎las flores, el salvador (WITH ast adventures), august 2018

✈︎YTT In paradise: Lila FLow Teacher training, Nosara (WITH Taryn Vander hoop), August 2018


✈︎Osa peninsula, costa rica, with Lydia neubauer, march 2018

✈︎Santa Marta, Colombia with Kalle Carranza, february 2018

✈︎Surfer's point, barbados, October 2017

✈︎Playa Miramar, Nicaragua (with AST Adventures Surf TOurs), August 2017

✈︎Surfer's point (with ralph de la rosa), barbados, may 2017

✈︎OSA PENINSULA (with jacob kyle) , COSTA RICA, FEBruary 2017

✈︎sayulita (with Kalle Carranza), mexico, february 2017

✈︎ Pipeline, O'Ahu, October 2016

✈︎surfer's point, South point, May 2016

✈︎Osa Peninsula, costa rica, feb 2016

✈︎Nosara, COSTA RICA, December 2015

✈︎Sayulita (with Kat Colla), Mexico, June 2015

✈︎Miami, may 2015

✈︎Osa peninsula, FEBRUARY 2014

✈︎THE ROCKAWAYS, NY, WEEKENDS, SPring and summer 2015

✈︎playa hermosa, february 2014

✈︎The Rockaways, NY, weekends of summer 2014