It’s been a busy month for me, so I apologize for the little blog hiatus!

I just came back from the Lila Flow 200 hour teacher training and I am still riding on that high. The students that joined us from all over the US went from awkwardly teaching sun salutations on their second day to confidently teaching one hour classes; truly immersed in the teachings and the methods of yoga. We laughed, cried, swam, sang. I felt like I came home, not only by being in beautiful Costa Rica but also by ways of teaching all that yoga has to offer, material that is so dear to my heart. I taught a Yoga Nidra class in the dark surrounded by the jungle sounds, Reiki that visibly shook people to the core, discussed the energetic channels of the body, broke down the vinyasa flows. I felt in my element, which I am so thankful for since I have felt out of it since moving to Miami Beach.

Saying that, it’s beautiful here too! But I haven't been home long enough to seal the deal with this city. I discover a new beach, a new restaurant, a new coffee place EVERY SINGLE DAY. I drive everywhere, my dogs actually want to take walks. We are all getting used to it, deprogramming from New York City, as my friend Lacey Sideman said.

I find that full time yoga teachers have it hard, as I did for many years, and I want to make a difference in that world. My interests are shifting. My instincts to protect the planet are exploding. I want to plan retreats. I want to change the world.

How can I commit to this? How can I honor this desire?

And more importantly, how do I live aligned to my values and effectively pay for my bills?

How do people do it? Are these first world problems?

Am I a douche?

These are questions I am asking myself daily.

Here are a few of the things that I have been gathering to share with you, some with some things you can do to protect the world, and some with images that will make you appreciate it more.

  1. I’ve adopted a less waste lifestyle for a while now. I do not have a garbage can at my home and this forces me to keep my waste small and be mindful of what I through away. Other ways to make your shopping as waste free as possible here

  2. Tahiti waves have been insane! We have been drooling over the beautiful images of the WSL event of the year.

  3. Protect an acre of rainforest by visiting the Rainforest Action Network.

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Thanks for reading!