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Barbados 2017

We recently came back from one of our favorite places on Earth, Barbados.  Located in the Caribbean, Barbados offers a mix of a quiet and active retreat, a true escape full of fun surf in beautiful beaches, an opportunity to practice yoga and meditation by the ocean, while staying in one of the most beautiful locations in Barbados.  It is one of those weeks that feel like a perfect retreat. 

The day starts with a vinyasa yoga or a meditation class, we then had breakfast at Ocean Spray overlooking the Caribbean.  After eating, we surfed daily with the amazing instructors of  Zed's surfing adventures at the beautiful Freights Bay.  

Christina, one of our guests. 

Christina, one of our guests. 

As usual, we got a mix of newbie and expert yogis and surfers, and by the end of the week, everyone had rode tons of waves, enjoyed the yoga, and lastly, we were all hanging out, messaging our private group to go to dinner at Oistins, hanging out beachfront, and going for day trips.  The entire week flew by. I am not going to lie, I was exhausted from all the activities! The retreat finished on Friday, so thankfully I took the entire weekend to recharge in preparation for the work week. 

We can't wait to hit up Zed's Surfing and Ocean Spray again next year!