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Recovery for Surfers

Post Injury Hip Stabilization 

Hip Stabilization .JPG

I (Patricia, founder) recently pulled my hamstring while teaching an advanced variation of revolved triangle. I immediately put my knowledge to work- I rested, I did acupuncture, I took Advil to relieve the inflammation, I did Pilates at my own pace.

Now that it feels 90 percent back, my focus is to strengthen all the hip stabilizers so that my hips don’t tilt and create all kind of problems. Using a band is an excellent way to strengthen the muscle attachments. For this exercise, start with a side plank variation with the band on the mid shins, place a hand on a block or the mat, and keep your extended leg’s foot flexed. Using the extended leg, push your heel up and out with the until you feel resistance from the band and the foot comes off the mat. Repeat 50x. This exercise strengthens the abductors of the extended leg while the grounded leg provides with overall support.

This is part of a hamstring rehab sequence that I’ll break down in the next few days.