You are a yoga teacher because one day you took a class that blew you away. The music, the flow, the honesty behind the offering, the way the teacher delivered the philosophy, the vibe. Most likely, it was an 75 minute epic experience that imprinted in you, and now here you are.

The Authentic Teacher is an intimate virtual training that dives into different techniques so that you can deliver that type of experience and confidently grow all of your offerings. It consists of meditations, journaling, videos, reading materials, lots of inner work- a perfect refresher for those that feel stuck in their teaching.

We follow the following schedule:

Week 1: Who are YOU?

Week 2: Your well being

Week 3: Your money

Week 4: Your Blueprint - putting it all together.

We start mid-month, every month. You will need a good wifi connection, a journal, and the desire to grow your offerings. Upon completion, you will belong to an incredible and supportive community of teachers just like you!

There are two membership levels:

Level 1 Membership $300

  • 30 day access to the Virtual Shala

  • Four one-on-one coaching calls with Patricia during the training

  • A $200 discount on a Love Surf Yoga Retreat

  • Lifelong membership to the Authentic Teacher Community

Level 2 Membership $75 Free for Lila Flow 200-hour grads.

  • 30 day access to the virtual Shala

  • Lifelong membership to the Authentic Teacher Community