Sun Salute B (Surya Namaskara B)

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Preps you for: Paddling, popping up, balance on the board, overall strength and vitality. 

There are so many benefits to this sequence for beginner and experienced surfers alike, making this sequence the perfect sequence to do on a daily basis. Although considered a beginner sequence, Surya B postures prepare you for many advanced asanas, warming up the entire body, and helps you build a deep connection to your breath.  

Breaking it down: 

Utkatasana: (awkward chair)this is my least favorite pose of all time :) but when practiced, it builds heat, strength, and patience. A great adductor engager, makes this a fantastic core-building posture. 

The vinyasa:  consisting of plank, chaturanga, upward facing dog to downward facing dog, this is the perfect balance of strengthening and deep opening asanas to fully support an overall surfer. The opening of the chest is crucial for paddling, the overall core strengthening is for maintaining balance on the board, the breathing between movements is vital for a calm, stress free paddle.  Changing the vinyasa to Knees Chest and Chin to Cobra is also a great prep for paddling, supporting the back musculature. 

Warrior I: The stepping forward to Warrior I,  when practiced repeatedly, preps you for a graceful pop up.  It builds flexibility, and is another amazing core strengthener.  This pose opens the front of the upper body and hips which can get extremely tight when surfing often. 

Downward Facing Dog (held for 5 full breaths) This posture opens up all the chest muscles, hamstrings, lengthens the spine, releases tension in the Trapezius muscle (upper back muscle that seems to KILL after surfing) among many other benefits.  A pose with many alignment components that build up to a perfect asana for surfing.