Hi LSYers,

Every time we visit Colombia we fall more in love with this beautiful country. Each city and location gives you a good dose of cultural activities and spectacular natural beauty. We at Love Surf Yoga can’t get enough! And personally, since I grew up in its neighboring country of Venezuela, Colombia feels almost like home.

Here is a really easy to follow itinerary to one of our favorite cities in Colombia, Cartagena. We have visited Cartagena for retreats and also for family for my sister was married there. This four day itinerary is pretty legit! The Getsemani neighborhood is our favorite place to stay, just a few minutes walk away from the walled city, with an incredible market on the way into it. Everything in Getsemani is just slightly less priced than the markets and restaurants within the walls. There’s also way less people in Getsemani, which I prefer. To me, it feels like Brooklyn, my longtime home.

Have you been to Cartagena? Do you have tips to share?