Here is a few of the things we are currently studying, celebrating, and planning.

  1. When I read that Jeff Kober from Sons of Anarchy was also a meditation teacher, I jumped right into google mode to see what this was about. I have been now reading his daily emails as part of my spiritual practice for about two years, and find his teachings to be as refreshing as they are traditional. Here is one that spoke to me personally with regards to change that I would like to share here.

  2. Celebrating World’s Ocean Day was easy for us, for we literally celebrate it daily and we proudly participate in as many environmental efforts as we can. We loved the #stoptrashingwaves campaign and all the related social media efforts done by the WSL and the Surf Rider Foundation. Check them out and join!

  3. Speaking about environmental efforts, do you know where your seafood comes from? Does the restaurant you frequent support recycling? read here for another epic effort by the Surfrider Foundation in which you can find restaurants that are environmentally conscious. You can also register your restaurant if you are practicing a few of their criteria such as no use of single use plastics, styrofoam, and get your seafood using the guidelines of the Seafood Watch or certified sustainable.

  4. After reading this, we have confirmed what we have suspected for a while- the Vagus nerve is essentially the queen of the parasympathetic nervous system, and it is the key component the mind-body connection. Read a little more about it here.

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